The modular design is the design based on the modulation of parts that allow to optimize the construction time and allow to boost multiple functionalities.

A modular system can be characterized by the following paragraphs:

  • Functional partition in discrete scalable and reusable modules consisting of autonomous functional elements
  • Strict use of well-defined modular interfaces
  • Exchange facility, achieving technological transparency and, as far as possible, using industrial standards

We aim at a reduction in costs (due to less customization, and less learning time), flexibility in design.

Modularity offers other benefits such as the addition of a new solution by simply connecting a new module, and exclusion.

We have used modularity to overcome the changing demands of our customers and to carry out the manufacturing process and adaptation to change.

Bisignano applies these concepts (MDS) to its new designs of preformed pot packaging machines and also to its line of thermoforming machines.

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