Who we are

Bisignano specializes in the design, manufacturing and service of food packaging machinery.
In the search for unique solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, we find the perfect balance between the project conception and its materialization.

We are constantly working on the development of products and processes aimed at the food industry, to ensure their prestige, continuity and growth, hence we could say thet Bisignano stands for Packaging Evolution.


We are located in an area of four hectares, with more than 4000 m2 of industrial surface.
An amazing landscape that combines industry and technology, in an environmental – friendly atmosphere.


The company Bisignano was born in 1952 and at present, with 70 years of life, it has developed a global profile that keeps up with constant expansion. Their equipment are installed in the most successful and prestigious companies in the world.

Guided by quality standards and reliability as a result of research in new products; they invest in staff training and attention to international trade fairs, to ensure constant updating in technology.

As a result of this policy and a strong commitment to customers, Bisignano has achieved the first international level becoming the most successful Latin American manufacturer of food packaging machines. These achievements have earned for the company a great number of national and international awards, positioning itself as a world-class reference.

Who we are